29 January 2020,   22:00
The attempt to keep face before the supporters – Talakvadze about the registration of the so-called German model

The claim of the opposition that the so-called German model is in line with the constitution and it’s possible to make a change at the level of legislation is an attempt of keeping face before the voters. Such statement made the Speaker of the Parliament.

According to Archil Talakvadze, the meeting, which was attended by ambassadors, parliamentary and non-parliamentary opposition, as well as the Venice Commission, showed that the so called German model is not compatible with the Constitution.

“The so-called German model is not in line with the Georgian constitution, therefore, the assertion that it’s possible to make any changes at the level of the electoral law and code, in my opinion, is an attempt by this part of the opposition of keeping face before their voters and the people, they brought to the streets. I ask our citizens, the representatives of the opposition, who are interested in continuing the dialogue over this issue, to sit down at the negotiating table”, - said the Head of the Parliament.