18 February 2020,   13:07
Political group of Volodymyr Zelensky is leading in the parliamentary elections

The party of Volodymyr Zelensky is going to win in the election. According to preliminary data, the presidential party has gained more than 42 percent. In the legislative body 5 political groups are presented, including the pro-Russian opposition. There will be 20 MPs from the party of singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. If necessary his party will be the partner of Zelensky in the Parliament.
According to the Central Election Commission, Zelensky"s political group may take the majority in the parliament without the necessity of coalition. The main issues remain the same: the end of the war, the release of Ukrainian victims and defeat of corruption.
The party of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk have gained 6 percent of voters and will have 20 MPs in the parliament.
Besides Zelensky and Vakarchuk, three more political groups will be represented in the parliament.
The activity of the population was 50 percent, which is the lowest in the history of the country according to the Central Election Commission.