05 June 2020,   07:22
"Rustavi 2" belongs to me and I am going to register 80% of shares to ten fighter journalists who will have a court dispute with Khalvashi,"- Okruashvili


Irakli Okruashvili plans to gain back Rustavi 2 and register 80% of its shares to journalists.

As the former Defense Minister explains in the interview with "Courier", he was the real owner of the TV company, which registered his shares nominally Kibar to Khalvashi, what is confirmed by the agreement.

According to Okruashvili, he was not able to start a dispute until the company was transferred to Khalvashi.

" Rustavi 2 never belonged to Rustavi 2, he was always a nominal figure and was represented others. It is confirmed in the agreement, based on which I ask it back, but it is not interesting.

I"m going to do a very simple thing. I am going to give 80% of my request to ten independent, fighter journalists for free and they will continue their dispute with Khalvashi. In this case with Khalvashi, but Ivanishvili is standing behind all of this. In order not to let Ivanishvili to take Rustavi 2 and turn Georgia into North Korea.

Tonight I am coming and I am going to meet with these journalists tomorrow, "Okruashvili says.

According to him, Kibar Khalvashi has his debt for a long time, the dispute is on the financial side, but Kibar Khalvashi states that the document is free and refuses to visit the Samkharauli Expertize Bureau in order to establish the authenticity of a signature on the document.

Irakli Okruashvili says that Kibar Khalvashi will not be able to declare that this document is false. According to him, this dispute will definitely end in favour of him and for those journalists.