05 June 2020,   08:40
I do not have an illusion that Khalvashi will not change editorial policy - Executive Director of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics

Non-governmental organizations respond to the change of Rustavi 2"s owner. According to third sector representatives, in a polarized media environment in Georgia, Rustavi 2 plays a serious role in monitoring the activities of the government.

Executive Director of Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics Nata Dzvelishvili is convinced that Kibar Khalvashi will change editorial policy.

"I do not have the illusion that Kibar Khalvashi will not change the editorial policy here and of course it does not mean that it will be better than it was, "-Nata Dzvelishvili said.

Eka Gigauri, executive director of the NGO "Transparency International - Georgia", also speaks about the role of critical media. According to him, in case of pressure, Rustavi 2 employees should speak openly.

"Critical media is vitally important for democratic development and media environment, so I think that on the one hand, we have a negative experience in this direction, but on the other hand it is also important to remember that editorial independence and critical thinking in the TV company is based on each journalist" - said EC Gigiauri.

The Executive Director of the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) sees the danger of forming a single-issue media environment.

Mikheil Benidze says that it will necessarily reflect on the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

"This decision may result in the threat of a single media environment where major national broadcasters speak the same language. This is not entirely positive in the context of the environment, including the election year 2020, "Benidze said.