05 June 2020,   07:25
"I told him about our corporate culture, which is in the company and every employee feels it" - Paata Salia met with Financial Director Rustavi 2

A newly appointed Director General of "Rustavi 2" meets the heads of various departments of the TV company from the morning.
The first such meeting was held with the financial director.

Paata Salia stated from the first minutes of his appointment that he wanted to learn more about the finances of the company which were seized for four years by the request of Khalvashi.

According to Rustavi 2"s financial director Irakli Nizharadze, Paata Salia will be given an opportunity to get acquainted with the company"s financial position.

Nizharadze says that the new Director General was informed about the corporate culture in the company.

Paata Salia plans to meet with heads of departments and employees today.