04 July 2020,   13:35
According to Paata Salia he has no information about the contract between the "Rustavi 2" and Nika Gvaramia

According to the public registry decision, Paata Salia has registered as the Director General of the Broadcasting Company "Rustavi 2." He does not know the contract according to which Nika Gvaramia should be paid 5 million after his dismissal. Kibar Khalvashi requred the resignation of Nika Gvaramia which was confirmed by the Public Registry.
"The registration of this decision was mandatory for the House of Justice. We asked for accelerated registration of the shares to the public registery, which was confirmed by them. I do not know anything about the contract between "Rustavi 2" and Nika Gvaramia. I will definitely get acquainted with it as soon as I have the opportunity. I know it is confidential, but since Kibar Khalvashi became owner of the company, he has the right to see this contract despite his confidentiality," - Paata Salia said.
According to the new report, 100% of "Rustavi 2" is owned by Kibar Khalvashi and his company. 60% owner is Kibar Khalvashi himself, 40% owned by Panorama Ltd.