26 May 2020,   02:00
"If people loose freedom of speech, they will go to the street" - Nino Daneli

"Every group that has been oppressed by the government has lost the platform of dialogue and support" - said media expert Nino Danelia.
According to Nino Danelia, when the society loses the freedom of speech they start strikes. She stressed one of Bidzina Ivanishvili"s statement where he said that if Rustavi 2 is turned off, people will see that everything is fine in the country. According to her,, citizens can change what they do not like, because "the government has exploded the democracy just like exploded the Sakdrisi.
Danelia says that nowadays media environment is worsening and it has reflection in the international reports.
"The quality of democracy in Georgia has deteriorated sharply today. There is no pluralistic media environment anymore. Apparently, the government can not listen to the critical opinion," - said Nino Danelia.
Nino Danelia thinks that the management of the company should make the exact decision.