08 April 2020,   21:34
Pilgrims are not allowed to the desert monastery in Davit Gareji

The situation in Davit Gareji has changed and no pilgrims are allowed to enter the desert monastery at this time. Azeri border guards changed the decision in the afternoon.

According to Archimandrite Kirion, this is a sad reality, which should be followed by reaction of the state.

"The movement is restricted for tourists. Also, periodically the movement is restricted for local pilgrims who want to visit holy places , "said Father Ilarion.

In parallel to the ban, national celebrations are held on the occasion of the "Garejoba" holiday.

.According to organizers of the event, every activity is a message that Davit Gareji is Georgia and the state should respond to the problem .

"Davit Gareji is and will be Georgia. I hope our government shares our position and will help us, "Manana Khachvani said.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has increased number of police forces on the spot.