12 December 2019,   22:42
Another alleged victim of "Blue Whale" - 14-year-old girl underwent brain surgery

Another alleged victim of "Blue Whale". A 14-year-old girl in a critical condition has been in a children"s hospital for 5 days. She underwent brain surgery late last night. According to family members, the teenager behaved strangely for more than 2 weeks, had fears and tried to inflict physical injuries to herself for a period of time. On the day of the accident, the teenager had some wounds on the hand, which as suspected by the parents, someone forced her to do.
The 14-year-old girl"s family demands a timely investigation into the case. It turns out that the police removed the victim"s mobile phone, but all calls and messages were deleted.
"I do not know who did it, but the fact is that the child is poisoned. The police do not do anything until we got people involved, "said the father of the girl Giorgi Chakhelidze.
The mother of a 14-year-old teenager recalls that the child was recently depressed. The child"s aunt, Inezza Burduli, says that the teenager has removed all the calls and messages from the phone. She blames law enforcers for improper response and explains that the police could not recover any information during so many days.