19 September 2019,   03:55
Special Operation in Israel - Part of Georgian citizens are deported, some remain in isolator

Special Operation against Georgians - Israeli law enforcers detained dozens of Georgian citizens in an illegal work place. Some of them are already deported, while others remain in the pre-detention isolator.

Emigrants say that there are unbearable conditions in the prison, they do not have food and are in terrible sanitation conditions. The diplomatic agency is also informed about the problem, but Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaniani does not confirm that the rights of Georgian citizens are violated in Israel.

A special operation has been conducted in meat processing facility. 30 georgians have been detained on the spot. All of them were in Israel illegally.

The Georgian emigrants , who is not detained by police , contacted Courier from Israel. They say that Georgian citizens are being detained at work, in streets, at home in almost all cities.

According to the official information, at this time, 24 Georgian citizens are in preliminary isolator. 12 of them will be transported to Georgia in near future, while others are waiting for the decision.