19 September 2019,   04:12
Plea deal in exchange for recognition of trafficking - Yuri Suslyak publishes scandalous telephone recording

The Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia offers a woman, detained with accusation on trafficking a plea bargain.

Julia Susulik will be released from prison if the mother of 10 children admits the crime. Reportedly Shalva Tadumadze"s agency has sent the messige through anonymous person to the detainee"s spouse. He contacted Yuri Suslyak in Kiev on June 8.

Yuri Suslyak published the scandalous recording today. He thinks that the Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia is trying to solve the situation.

Yuri Suslyak claims that the investigation does not have evidence against his wife and wants to end the case with plea bargain.

The husband of a woman who is accused of trafficking, says that law enforcement officers tried to pressure the witness against Julia Suslyak.

According to him, the expertise conclusion confirms that he is a biological father of the ten children and Four of them are common children with Julia Suslyak. Despite this, Julia Susulayk remains in custody, and that is why Yuri Suslyak thinks that the investigative agencies have other interests in the case.

Suslyak"s lawyer says that the investigative agencies were concerned due the visit of a special representative of the President of Ukraine. The date of the phone call with Yuri Suslyak confirms it.

The lawyer considers that the Prosecutor"s Office should start investigation on the record.