08 April 2020,   22:53
Customs clearance period decreased from 30 to 5 days - Minister of Finance does not make a compromise

The business is still under heavy blow - part is facing the bankruptcy, and, consequently, the employees -unemployment. The heads of the biggest Georgian companies have been explaining to the Minister of Finance for two hours that the changed regulations create problems for them, though Vano Machavariani did not share the arguments.
Up to now, more than 200 Georgian companies, which import goods from abroad enjoyed a grace period for 30 days for the customs clearance. According to the new rules, millions now have to be collected in 5 days. Businesses say they cannot do this and asks for a meeting with the Prime Minister.
The decision of the Ministry of Finance may soon be reflected in the lives of each citizen, as it concerns the imported products from abroad, including food products consumed by hundreds of thousands of people every day.
The Association of Importers says that the problem is very serious and, therefore, the Parliament should get involved in the dispute between the business and the government.
The opposition has also summoned the Finance Minister in the parliament. Ivane Machavariani should say why he canceled the golden list of companies, putting the business sector under severe pressure.
The new regulation will be launched on June 12.