08 April 2020,   22:54
Details of murder in Agara

" He was on the spot, he had not left the yeard. He said himself, that he had murdered two people."- Witnesses of the brutal murder in Agara recall details of the incident. They say that the alleged murder had no attempt to escape.
Murdered Irakli Gelashvili, 41 is a neighbour of the accused. He has 16 wounds.

A 50-year-old man attacked Irakli Gelashvili when he was leaving the pharmacy. After that he came home and wounded his wife. She has 13 wounds and is in the resuscitation department. According to the doctors, her health condition is extremely difficult.

The reason for the attack is jealousy.
The mother of the wounded woman does not know about the incident.
According to the mother of the wounded, her daughter had no conflict with his husband.

Investigative activities are ongoing at the scene.