19 February 2020,   16:39
Bakhtadze managed to talk to Zelenskiy - President of Ukraine confirms information

After a few hours of attempts the Prime Minister of Georgia managed to talk with the President of Ukraine. The Prime Minister"s administration and the "Georgian Dream" denied that Mamuka Bakhtadze was visiting the capital of the European Union in order to meet Volodymyr Zelesski.

"Courier" recorded a comment of the President of Ukraine. Zelenskiy confirmed with Rustavi 2 that Mamuka Bakhtadze had a friendly meeting with him.

."It"s just a simple, friendly meeting. That"s all, "the Ukrainian President said.

Communication between Bakhtadze and Zelenskiy was held at the US Embassy in Belgium.

The spokesperson of Ukraine"s President confirmed this information to "Courier".

"It was a surprise for Volodymyr Zelenskiy that the Prime Minister of Georgia was here. Unfortunately, the meeting between the leaders did not take place because of the tight schedule, but it was a good opportunity to get acquainted, "said the Press Secretary of the Ukrainian President, Yulia Mendel.