12 December 2019,   22:29
Demands of Rustavi2"s 9% shareholder - Meeting of partners to be held tomorrow

A meeting of Rustavi 2"s partners will be held tomorrow with the demand of Nino Nizharadze, the 9% shareholder of the broadcasting company.
The lawyer of Nino Nizharadze voiced her demands at the briefing. Nizharadze poses several requests. According to the lawyer, it is necessary to find ways to resolve the dispute.

According to Kavlashvili, if the arbitration agreement is made, they will withdraw the suit from the court. Nizharadze"s side is interested in the position of Rustavi 2"s Director General and partners regarding financial issues.

"We offer a more simple way. This simple way is delivering financial and legal documents to world-leading 4 audit companies, with various relevant issues and in advance, we declare that, if the company will be selected for such an audit, we will trust the results of this audit company, "- said Giorgi Kavlashvili. The owner of a 9% share of "Rustavi 2" demands media attendance at the meeting of partners.