26 August 2019,   13:00
Exclusive footage of "Courier" from Davit Gareji - Bulldozers work near the Chichkhituri tower

" Courier"s" Exclusive footage from " Davit Gareji - our crew managed to reach the area where the Azerbaijani side paves the road.

Heavy equipment is mobilized and working near the Chichkicity Tower. The Azerbaijani side paves the road with bulldozers.

from the territory of Azerbaijan. The technique works on the mountain and cuts the ground up.

Pilgrims and locals are not allowed to move on this section. The Georgian border guards asked the crew of Courier to leave the territory and said that the prohibition is temporary.

The next meeting of the Delimitation Commission will be held in Baku today. The sides should discuss the issue of unsettled section.