12 December 2019,   07:09
Owner of 9% of "Rustavi 2" shares demands to convene partners` meeting

The owner of 9% of "Rustavi 2" shares demands to convene the meeting of the partners. Nino Nizharadze"s lawyer explained the reasons why Nizharadze filed suit against the TV company. They noted that they have not applied to the European Court. The owner of 9 percent of shares is asking for access to the financial documentation of the TV company and says that Rustavi 2 has the funds to pay the budget but does not pay it purposefully.
"The only assumption is that it is an attempt to cause the bankruptcy of Rustavi 2 TV. Otherwise it is impossible to explain. Bankruptcy process is not legally ongoing at the moment, but the processes are going on, after which it will be legally inevitable. The first sign is the the accumulated debts, including of course non-payment of taxes. The fact is that certain revenues do not go to Rustavi 2 and are lost for "Rustavi 2" and are directed to the intermediary company. First of all, before we addressed the court, we addressed the TV company and asked to p[resent financial documentation. We have not received financial documentation. Neither have we received answer regarding financial documentation.

In order to invite the Partnership meeting, it is necessary to inform the partner about the issues raised in the Partnership Meeting. Without this knowledge , it is very difficult to speak about the specificity at  the partners` meeting. Nino Nizharadze wants  to sell 9% share again. We hope that after the Court of Strasbourg, the circumstances will determine that partners will be able to remain in the same format in  the company"s management and ownership. In this case she will do so. Unfortunately, today there is no legal mechanism enabling any shareholder to sell shares. The request for reimbursing  of damages  is not related to the prohibitions which the Strasbourg Court has established and which  Tea Tsaukukiani has voiced, "said Giorgi Kavlashvili, the lawyer.