12 December 2019,   23:06
Executive government can not take any step till the decision on suspension of Rustavi 2 is in force - Tea Tsulukiani

Rustavi 2 remains an object of attacks - the ruling team tries to attack the independent broadcasting company with a help or court again.

Recently Tea Tsulukiani commented about the developments around Rustavi 2. The Minister of Justice says that on the background when the European Court has used a suspension mechanism, the Public Registry can not register any changes in the management .

"I think that no matter how dissatisfied is one of the owners, Nizharadze with other owners of Rustavi 2 or has legal claims and arguments to the leadership of the company owned by the company . It is important for everyone to remember and understood well, two years ago the Strasbourg Court imposed a so-called suspension mechanism. This decision is in force and no transaction, whether through the Public Registry or any other public institution can take place till this decision remains in force, "- said the Minister.