08 April 2020,   21:24
In his time, Saakashvili misappropriated Rustavi 2 and a broad spectrum of televisions - Kobakhidze calls attack on Rustavi 2 a private dispute

Another attack on "Rustavi 2" - the main aim of the suit against the TV company in the opposition is to change editorial policy and to silence critical media.They once again state that Bidzina Ivanishvili is behind this. The politicians are convinced that the court proceedings in Georgia will end in favor of the ruling team in Georgia.
"Strasbourg once told Ivanishvili to take his hands away from the independent media, from Rustavi 2 and now Ivanishvili"s attempt to seize the country"s independent channel will cost him even more , " said Tina Bokuchava, a member of the "National Movement".
One of the leaders of "European Georgia" Gigi Ugulava says that the suit regarding Rustavi 2 is absurd, though the court is not independent of the country.
The non-parliamentary opposition advises the government not to start a war against independent media because it will end with its defeat.
In the "Georgian Dream", it is argued that the suit is far from political dispute and that the media is free in Georgia.
"There is a private dispute against the TV company, as I know about the shares. I do not have detailed information. This dispute will be resolved as any private dispute should be resolved. In his time, Saakashvili misappropriated Rustavi 2, as well as "Imedi," the public broadcaster and a broad spectrum of televisions. As for the freedom of media, it is not under a threat, "Kobakhidze said.