15 December 2019,   01:38
Another court case of "Rustavi 2" - name of the trial judge, Lasha Kochiashvili, is associated with a number of high profile cases

The judge, who has to consider another court case related to Rustavi2, is Lasha Kochishvili.
The name of a lifetime judge is associated with several high profile cases and he is considered to be a representative of the court clan.Among the cases considered by him is a dispute between Patarkatsishvili and Joseph Kay around Rustavi Metallurgic Factory.
Rustavi 2 is not the only media outlet, whose case Kochiashvili will have to discuss. Kochiashvili was also the judge of Maestro"s case.
His name in different periods was included in many reports on court issues.
Until 2017 Lasha Kochishvili was a member of the Association"Judges" Unity" and he left together with another 10 judges the association with demarche. The reason was a rather critical statement of the unity of judges, which responded to Mikheil Chinchaladze"s lifelong appointment. Kochaiashvili, together with his colleagues, condemned this statement and left the union.
The former judge, chairman of the Association of Judges of Georgia, Maia Bakradze says that Association of Judges has criticized the biased competion wneh Chinchaladze was appointed lifetime. Kochiashvili is now one of the 4 judges who specialize in considering commercial disputes in the Tbilisi City Court, which are worth more than half a million lari.
This narrow specialization was created at the Tbilisi City Court about two years ago and the decision of the High Council of Justice was criticized by the NGO sector. NGO Transparency International - Georgia`s lawyer, Tamta Kakhidze, speaks about the narrow specialization chamber and says that it has a lot of flaws.