22 November 2019,   16:29
"The government will be defeated in this fight but the country is suffering" - David Zurabishvili on the new attack on "Rustavi 2"

The attempt to silence Rustavi2 and the opposition"s media was followed with a very strong reaction, both in the Georgian society and in general, "said one of the leaders of the Republican Party Davit Zurabishvili.
According to him, another attack on Rustavi2 will only hurt the country, and the government will be defeated in this fight
."I think it"s a maniac idea of the Georgian government to take away Rustavi 2 by any means and put it in their pocket, this is a disadvantage for the Georgian state. But the government will not reach it and it will end with the victory of the principles of freedom of speech, " - says Davit Zurabishvili.
Aleko Elisashvili, a member of civil society, advises the government to learn from the old experience. According to him, Rustavi 2 as an independent media outlet will broadcast in the same way as it does now.
Chairperson of the European Democrats of Georgia speaks about the distrust to the Georgian court. Paata Davitaia says that everyone who went against Rustavi2 lost.
"We should be hoping for an international court. It will be interesting to know how these two facts of pressure of both will be connected to each other in Strasbourg and if it is happens , it will be very important. So there are many moments that should be used and I"m sure Rustavi 2 will remain the winner in this fight, "Paata Davitaia says.