22 November 2019,   16:29
The next court dispute threatens media pluralism - 12 influential NGOs released a statement


12 influential NGOs spread a statement regarding the launch of a new court dispute against the broadcasting company Rustavi2. According to NGOs, legitimate questions arise regarding the ongoing processes.

They think that Rustavi 2, which criticizes the government faces a threat of change editorial policy.

The statement also says that the next court dispute will threaten a free media environment.

"Rustavi 2 - one of the influential and critical broadcasters has been facing a threat of change of editorial policy for years. Despite the fact who shares or not the editorial policy of Rustavi 2 , it is vitally important for maintaining the pluralist media environment critical to have diverse media platform," - reads the statement.

NGOs write that : " The next court dispute not only hinders the work of the broadcaster, but also threatens media pluralism and free media environment in our country. The possible change of editorial policy of Rustavi2 will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the pre-election environment and total democratic process. "

The statement is signed by: Georgian Young Lawyers" Association

Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics

Open Society Foundation of Georgia

TV network

Association of Georgian Small and Medium Telecommunication Operators

Media Club

Alliance of Regional Broadcasters
Liberal Academy Tbilisi

Georgia"s democratic initiative

Transparency International Georgia

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

Media Development Foundation