19 September 2019,   04:33
Another attack on "Rustavi 2" - what is written in Nino Nizharadze"s suit

Another attack on Rustavi 2 - the suit of Nino Nizharadze, the owner of 9% of shares of the broadcasting company consists of five requests, from which onlytwo refers directly to her.

She demands to annual the decision of the partners" meeting on 3 February 2015, according to which she was not allowed to sell 4% out of her 9% of the shares.

Nino Nizharadze demands to pay the damages on the basis of this issue, amounting to 28 million GEL. She demands compensation from other shareholders of the company- from Gia and Levan Karamanishvili and TV company "Georgia".

The suit also indicates that certain actions that were made in Rustavi 2 are suspicious. According to Nino Nizharadze,Rustavi 2 is damaged by decisions, made by the management of the broadcasting company.

According to Rustavi 2 lawyers, the dispute is absurd in legal terms and the reality is political motive. According to them, Nino Nizharadze is a new political instrument in the hands of the government to change the editorial policy of the independent channel.

"Nino Nizharadze had attempts to manipulate even before Kobar Khalvashi. Of course she could not manage it. Nino Nizharadze wanted to sell 4% out of her 9% shares. However, by the decision of the partners, the meeting was held and on this basis we asked for the opposite, to conduct a preferential procurement.However she refused." - said Tamta Muradashvili, the lawyer of Rustavi 2.

According to Rustavi 2"s lawyers, the suit of Nino Nizharadze is unclear and it is almost impossible to get specific information from it.

"Nino Nizharadze"s suit is vague and general, from which it is almost impossible to get the concrete information . We believe that her claims have been set up only in order to provide a theoretical chance to change the e management of the company. There is no other reason and prescriptions .
Supposedly Nino Nizharadze will demand a change of management, in particular, she will say that the management can not fulfill its obligations and thus damage sthe company, so it is necessary to appoint another person who will lead the company," said Dimitri Sadzaglishvili.