01 April 2020,   08:49
Decisive Attack on Rustavi 2 - Ivanishvili wants to close the country"s main TV channel

The decisive attack on "Rustavi 2" - Ivanishvili"s team does not wait for the European Court"s decision and tries to close the TV channel with the help of the court of Murasidze-Chinchaladze.

The opposition states that Georgian Dream has decisively denied European aspirations, democratic values and choose the Russian dictatorship, where free speech and free elections are not available.

According to the representatives of the parliamentary opposition, another attack on "Rustavi 2" proves once again that Ivanishvili wants to stay in power.

Salome Samadashvili, one of the leaders of the National Movement says that the next attack on the TV company will create a problem for Georgia on the Euro Atlantic path. According to her,the attack on the media as well as discussion on the country"s foreign policy and neutrality once again shows that Ivanishvili"s government serves Russian interests.