08 April 2020,   21:20
We demand the resignation of this government - Guava states that the only way to save people and "Rustavi 2" is to hold rallies

Giorgi Gugava, one of the leaders of the Labor Party thinks that Bidzina Ivanishvili started a crucial attack on Rustavi 2 , which is related to the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Gugava thinks that Bidzina Ivanishvili is trying to extend his presence in government and needs to stop Rustavi 2.That"s why the Labor Party member states that the society must unite and change the government with peaceful protests.

"Naturally, this is related to forthcoming elections, the upcoming process that will surely sacrifice Ivanishvili and his gang. He takes preventive measures in order to neutralize one of the main opponents m " Rustavi2" .
Let"s stand together, hold large-scale demonstrations with political demand to end this government. In this case we will save the country, save people, save Rustavi2 "- said Giorgi Gugava.