12 December 2019,   06:43
Situation on the border between Israel and Gaza is extremely tense- Militants in the Gaza Strip have fired more than 450 rockets into Israel

The rocket attack at Israeli-Gaza border is still underway. The situation has been tense for three days already. Palestinian fighters are moving in the direction of Israeli cities in a continuous regime, and the Israeli army bombarded their positions from the air and heavy equipment.Members of Hamas and his allies have shot over 450 shells into Israel in the last one day. 150 of the were destroyed by Israel"s air defense system in the air, and 70 percent exploded in uninhabited areas.
According to the latest data, three Israeli civilians were killed by Palestinians. One man was killed in the city of Ashkelon when the shell fell to his house. Two other men were killed in the explosion in the factory. In response to the Hamas fighters" missile strikes, the Israeli government sent an additional tank brigade on the Gaza border. Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the strengthening of attacks against the gang.The Israeli army used aviation and heavy equipment to destroy the Hamas objects in the Gaza Strip. Over 220 targets have been bombarded, including weapons factories, storage facilities, tunnels and firefighters. The Israeli army claims that eight members of Hamas and its allies have been killed as a result of the attacks, although it is reported that civilians are among the dead. One of the attacks on the Gaza Strip killed a mother and her one-year-old baby.