22 November 2019,   16:29
Rustavi 2 case and Irakli Kobakhidze"s statement - Public Defender makes a statement

"The representatives of the government always had their position on this issue, including before the dispute on Rustavi 2"s ownership," the Public Defender responded to the statement by the Chairman of the Parliament that "Rustavi 2" should be returned to the old owners.
According to Nino Lomjaria, before the case was transferred to the Strasbourg Court, the position of the government towards the broadcasting company was clear.The Ombudsman positively assesses the fact that the European Court of Human Rights is considering the case since as she said the Strasbourg Court has full confidence.
"It is very good that the issue is settled in Strasbourg Court. There will be no doubt about this court and there are no questions about the decision taken by it and the court has full confidence. Strasbourg will answer this question, how fair justice was in Georgia and how would it evaluate the developments, "said Nino Lomjaria.