26 August 2019,   14:20
Davit Zalkaliani urges Georgian emigrants to take care of visa-free travel with EU

The Government of Georgia responds to complaints of Georgian citizens gathered in Montpellier. Minister of Foreign Affairs Davit Zalkaliani calls on refuge seekers in foreign countries to treat the issue with understand .According to Zalkaliani, those willing to receive IDP status are threatening with their actions the visa free movement with the European Union .
"We are actively working at both legislative and executive level on new initiatives to prevent the growth of shelter seekers. The relevant legislation was adopted in the Parliament and I am sure that our parliamentarians will talk about it. That is, criminalization of those who organize unlawful moving of people who have the asylum seeker"s request.
"I call on everyone to take care of this country and visa free regime as the most important achievement which will be lost if the mechanism of suspension is started," Zalkaliani said.
We remind you that the citizens of Georgia have been living in tents in the city of Montpellier for three months already. Georgian immigrants who are out of the country because of hardship are demanding IDP status and insist that Georgia is not a safe country. According to the participants of the rally, after the visit of the President of Georgia to France, the situation has become even worse.