21 July 2019,   19:17
20-07-2019 15:10
"The Battle for Political Influence in the Georgian Orthodox Church "-" Jamestown Foundation "publishes an article
20-07-2019 15:04
NGOs: Consent for creating a public council will be an important test for protecting the editorial policy of the channel
20-07-2019 12:13
"We do not have a specific answer yet," - Salia talks about the Rustavi 2 proposal regarding public council
20-07-2019 12:06
Representatives of the third sector positively respond to Rustavi 2"s journalists" offer to set up a media council
20-07-2019 10:05
Ivanishvili can not improve his condition by seizing "Rustavi 2" and, moreover, he will not be able to fully take away"Rustavi 2" , "- Okruashvili
19-07-2019 18:46
EU representative responds to the decision of the Strasbourg Court on Rustavi 2 case
19-07-2019 17:10
"Ivanishvili tries to create non-partisan, rhetorical media space, as well as political space" - David Berdzenishvili
19-07-2019 16:56
I do not understand the joy of those people who have a feeling that they have taken revenge on Rustavi 2 - Fikria Chikhradze
19-07-2019 15:59
Case of June 20 - Soso Bajelidze and Tsotne Tsotniashvili were detained and sentenced
19-07-2019 15:43
"Everything is not over" - former judge of ECHR, Nona Tsotsoria about the case of "Rustavi 2"
19-07-2019 15:08
"With the hysterically accelerated manner the government handed the company to Kibal Khalvashi" - Grigol Vashadze
19-07-2019 15:03
GEL reached it"s anti-record of devaluation
19-07-2019 15:00
"Rustavi 2" belongs to me and I am going to register 80% of shares to ten fighter journalists who will have a court dispute with Khalvashi,"- Okruashvili
19-07-2019 14:41
Former owners of the "Rustavi 2" will appeal the decision of the European Court of Human Rights to the Grand Chamber
19-07-2019 14:03
"We are dealing with pseudo-democratic forces" - PM of Georgia on Rustavi 2
19-07-2019 14:03
Events of June 20 - arrested Levan Jikuri was sentenced to imprisonment
19-07-2019 13:58
Americans shoot-down the drone of Iran in the Strait of Hormuz
19-07-2019 13:43
Number of dead people due to the fire peaked to 33 in Japan
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